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    Owning a pool is meant to be relaxing, let Barbacoa take care of the work and the worry.



    Feel the Difference

    A well maintained pool doesn't just look good, you can feel the difference. Call Barbacoa to get your pool ready for swimming!



    Barbacoa Service

    Barbacoa provides service to the entire North Shore and Vancouver area. Please call us for assistance with your pool needs.



    Family Time

    Spending family time in your pool is easy! Make sure that option is always available by keeping your pool in tip top shape with Barbacoa.

Welcome to Barbacoa Pool Services

‘Providing Our Customers with Reliable and Efficient Service’

Barbacoa Pool Services was formed with you in mind. Our mission is to meet the individual needs of swimming pool owners by providing reliable and efficient service. At Barbacoa, we pride ourselves on being fully qualified to handle all aspects of your swimming pool and equipment.

Barbacoa Pool Services provides better service by offering warrantied service repairs along with specialized maintenance programs. These programs are designed to meet your individual needs with regards to your pool, equipment room, and other custom accessories you may have such as diving boards, ladders, and slides.

A swimming pool that is properly maintained and chemically well-balanced will protect you and your investment while returning many enjoyable years of  swimming. Please contact us with any questions at 778-822-8814, or submit your queries through our online contact form.

Barbacoa Pools Ltd.

999 West 3rd Street,
North Vancouver BC V7P 1E4
Service Line: 778-822-8814
Account information: 604-986-0165